Health Care workers are
not immune to the pain.
Be brave and contact us.

Counseling for healthcare professionals

We connect healthcare professionals who are dealing with COVID-19 challenges with experienced mental health workers.


The need for exercising and keeping up with your mental health and resilience in different healthcare areas has been known for a long time. And now need for counseling for the healthcare workers has become more acute due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our organization has previously kept workshops and conferences concerning this extremely important subject and the workshops have always been very well received.

Due to the COVID-19 FinnEM has organized a counseling service for the frontline workers in a very quick time frame. With the help of collaborators we were able to establish a whole new way of helping our healthcare workers online.

All of our counselors are verified professionals and receive a compensation for their work. This way we are also supporting the Finnish small companies and employment.

What can we offer in FinnHELP?

We offer free and short term (1-3×60 minutes) counseling with mental health professionals using a reliable remote video platform (VideoVisit).

Our mental health professionals have experience in crisis counseling and experience working in the field of healthcare. After the short-term counseling, if-needed, the help-seeker will be directed forward to a longer term therapy.

This is how it works:

1. Short questionnaire for helping the coordinator to direct the help-seeker to a counsellor.
2. A direct contact from our coordinator within 1-3 working days and agreement to start short term counseling.
3. After every session the help-seeker will decide whether they want to continue the counseling.
4. A short feedback form after the counseling the help us improve our process.

Please remember that in addition to our service you can get national counseling from Mieli Ry.